Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Busy Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Whew, it was another busy weekend!  I stopped and looked at the calendar, and I cannot believe that we're almost half way through April!  Seriously--where does the time go?!

We had another crazy productive weekend!  I absolutely could not believe everything that we were able to finish!

Friday after work, it was such a nice day--as I'm sure you'll all remember :)   I ran over to Martins to talk to their florist, and get a quote for wedding flowers.  Then I popped into Menards, and picked up an edger, because I really wanted to work on the area where the lawn has overgrown into the sidewalk.  This is what the thing looks like.   But since it was so nice, Kurt wanted to try his hand at digging a trench for bricks to line the flower bed.   Remember way back last summer when I bought a car full of landscaping bricks?  Well it was finally time to put them to use!

So, Kurt decided to give the edger a try along the front of the house.  And in about an hour, we realized that this was definitely the right tool for the job!

 He was able to zip through it so quickly!  We had the whole trench dug, in no time at all!  Then we had to go to Lowes to get some sand to put in before the bricks.  And we really needed dinner lol

So Saturday afternoon, Kurt dropped in the sand, and I went behind dry fitting the bricks!

We managed to get two courses of bricks done before we ran out.  We ended up taking the north end of the house (on the right in the picture) out further than we'd planned, so we ran out.  Then we decided that we'd really rather that the whole thing was three bricks high--especially since we had to order more bricks anyway.  Luckily bricks were on sale 4/$1 this weekend.  So Kurt ordered 80 more bricks, and something like 50 bags of dirt for the flower bed!   We opted to have Lowes deliver.  Even though all that would fit in the Fit, if I can get out of loading it, it's worth it to me!  Haha

On Saturday morning, we headed to Fort Wayne.  We picked up Kurt's wedding suit from being altered, and did a little shopping!  Kurt picked out a new comforter for us at BBB, and then we headed over to his mom's house for lunch.  :)

On Sunday, since we didn't have any more bricks or dirt, we decided to put together our new bed.  We decided a few weeks ago that if we want to get a dog, we needed a King sized bed to fit everyone.  The problem is, our stairs are so narrow, we didn't know how we'd get a King up the stairs?  (I assume you all remember us having to saw the Queen box springs in half to get them up the stairs.)

After some searching, we were able to find a pretty simple solution: vacuum packed mattress.  Here's what they look like    It sounds kind of crazy, but we figured with almost 8,000 awesome reviews, it couldn't be that bad?  So, we ordered the mattress, and a platform bed frame (because we were tired of dealing with box springs by this point in time lol).  

I didn't know if we were going to be able to get the mattress up the stairs--because that sucker was heavy!  Seriously, I had no idea that 112 lbs between two people would be so miserable.  But eventually we got it upstairs.  After a day to fluff up, we assembled the bed!

Taaa daaa!  It looks totally normal, and amazingly, it's a comfortable as all the reviews said!  Plus, both of the cats slept in bed with us last night, and that's what really matters!

After a long day of yard work, mowing/trimming, tearing apart the old bed, and a trip to the recycling center, this was just the break we needed!  Oh, and I replaced the toilet seat.  If you haven't heard of no-slam seats, you should google it.  It sounds silly--but they're a game changer!

All in all, it was a really great weekend.  I really love working on projects with Kurt.  I like the way he gets excited about things, and thinks things through. And he's always so supportive.  I just really appreciate it--but that's enough about that.  :)

We're getting into the swing of things with another work week.  At least this week is a short one, and Kurt has a super secret mystery adventure planned for my birthday this weekend!  Have I mentioned that he's great?  He really, really is.

That's all for now, but I'm hopeful we'll get a midweek update or two this week too!  Have a great week everyone!!


Shakey Graves - Dearly Departed

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