Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Check In

 Hey All!  While I may not have done much (read “any”) work on the house over the weekend, I did make a fair bit of progress during the week.  Originally, my plan was to work on one room at a time to avoid living in total chaos--but you know what they say about good intentions.  So, before I knew it, I was living in a full blown destruction zone. 

Now I know what you're thinking..."Doesn't she mean "construction zone?" Nope.  That would imply that I'm building or making something. I'm really not.  I'm pretty much just rushing to remove any signs that the previous owners ever lived here, in the hope that it'll start to feel more like my house.  

If your next thought was "Oh, it can't be that bad".  Trust me.  It was.  But it's getting better.  Even in the midst of all this mess, it is much better.  

Formal Living room BEFORE.  This gives you a glimpse of that brown.  Bleh.  

These built-in shelves are obviously a HUGE part of what sold me on the house.  But again, that brown....and who thought blue carpet was a good idea here?  At least they didn't charge me extra for the chocolate stains...I'm choosing to believe that was chocolate, to make myself feel better, obviously. 

Close-up of the built in, and an peek into the dining room.  That red...this brown...MY EYES! <Insert sobbing here>

Sorry, this one is a little dark, but gives you a better idea of the size of the room.  

Ok, so now you've seen it.  If you know me at all, you know that I just couldn't stop myself.  The combination of that brown paint and my recent purchase of 15 gallons of paint...it was only a matter of time....I think you'll agree that even some wacky primer thrown up on the walls makes a HUGE difference.

Here it is again, from the dining room looking into the living room.  Am I crazy, or does this seem SO much brighter?  (It may help that I figured out how to use the flash on the camera...but still.)

You can see that I've started stripping the baseboards in here.  Why on Earth did someone paint these?!
<insert more sobbing here>  At least the cat is here to comfort me. 

The blue carpet obviously had to go first thing. The finish on the ORIGINAL HARDWOOD may be a little odd based on where the rug was.  But come on.  Did I mention it's the original hardwood?  Blue carpet was a terrible decision.  But I'm ok now, I promise. More importantly--I can tell the house really feels a lot better about this. 

I don't have a before picture from this angle, but this is the main entryway for the house.  Everything here was brown.  Brown brown brown.  Bleh.  I can't explain to you how bad that brown was.  And there are no more pictures, because it had to go for the sake of what little sanity remained.  Trust me.  It's better this way.  Save your eyes some strain.  

So, there's some progress for the week! It may not look like much, but covering that brown, ripping up the carpet, and starting the stripping process really make the space feel completely different in person. You may just have to stop by in person to see the progress...bring painting clothes? There's work to be done! 
Here's a taste of what my house has sounded like this week.  Full volume, sweet vinyl-y goodness. I've already apologized to the neighbors. Hopefully with that brown gone, the yelling inside my house will subside. 


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First blog…here goes!

Hello everyone out there in the blogging world!  My name is Kelsey, and I’m just a small town girl living in a lonely world.  I love classic rock, folk, and pretty much anything I can find on vinyl.  I used to spend my free time questing for the complete Neil Young anthology on vinyl, and singing silly songs to my cat—but it’s time for a new adventure!    

I just bought my first house—WOO HOO!  I’m excited, terrified, and nauseous pretty much all the time (not to mention filthy and covered in paint splatter).  As it turns out, I don’t know anything about home repairs, construction, or updating dated interiors. But I am pretty great at painting, destruction, and making up silly songs about whatever I’m working on. 

This may turn out to be a disaster, but you’re welcome to join me for the journey!  

This is my Columbia Street Cluster!   

Come back soon.  Things are changing every day!