Monday, June 5, 2017

California Trip - Photo Dump!

Hey there!

As you probably already know, Kurt and I spent Memorial Day Week in sunny California!

We headed out there for a concert festival called Bottle Rock.  Earlier this year, I was telling Kurt how much I wanted to see Modest Mouse in concert, as they've become one of my favorite bands.  And at the time, the only show they were playing was Bottle Rock in Napa Valley.  So, being the wonderful man that he is, Kurt bough us tickets to three days worth of shows!  (Awesome, right?!)

While we were there, we decided to take a day trip down to San Francisco, because there was a ferry boat not far from our hotel.   So, we walked the Golden Gate Bridge, ate Dim Sum in Chinatown, and strolled through some record stores in the Haight-Ashbury district!  To say that it was a wonderful trip would be an understatement!  We also got the chance to have lunch with one of the field folks I work with on a day to day basis.  (It is so nice to finally be able to put a face with the voice!)

We also got to do some hiking, and ate TONS of great food!  OH!  And we went to an antique mall in a little strip (near the Del Taco we went to for breakfast lol) and ended up finding a GOLDMINE!  So. Many. Records.  If we'd driven instead of flying, we probably would've bought literally dozens of albums!  This was the first time I'd ever seen a copy of Dark Side of the Moon in the wild! Even though I have a reissue, you can bet that I snatched that thing up!  We also went to an Amoeba records--and if you ever have a chance, they have to be one of the best record chains around. Like, the store was so big, it was hard to know where to even begin!  Kurt walked away with a pretty fat stack there haha.  It's always a little funny to me how we both love music, but our tastes just don't overlap that much. We can spend hours in the same store, and both walk away with things the other person would never pick up.  But it's kind of nice, because it means that we both get to listen to things we never would have without the other.  :)  Which has lead to learning about tons of new bands!

So now, it's wedding week!

I think that everything is done, and if it's not, does it really need to be done?  haha I hope not.  But we'll find out!!  T-5 DAYS.  This is really happening, and I'm feeling so excited, happy, and truly blessed.  Insert heart eyes faces here!


Modest Mouse - Missed the Boat

Pink Floyd - Time