Monday, February 6, 2017

Big News!

Hello All!

At this point, I think that most all of you have heard the big news..but for any of you who haven't heard...WE'RE ENGAGED!  

I'll just start with the pictures.  I know that's what you really want lol   On Thursday night, Kurt proposed.  When he was "traveling for business" a few weeks ago, apparently that meant flying to Nashville for a secret trip to Third Man Records, to record a record of him proposing to me.  Come on--if that doesn't tell you he's perfect for me, I don't know what will!  Insert blushing smiley face here.  Talk about a happy Groundhog Day!

We are super excited, but we're not quite ready to start wedding planning yet. Well, maybe we're just not ready to start sharing wedding plans with the world yet.  Don't worry--it'll happen--this year even!  But if anyone else asks me when we're having babies, well, just don't.  That's not happening yet.  #sorrynotsorry #stopasking   We're excited, but first things first!


I Got You Babe - Sony & Cher

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