Friday, January 20, 2017

So I had a kind of crazy idea...

Hey All,

Well, in case you all didn't already know it, it's important to start this off by stating: Kurt is a saint for dealing with me.  There's really no denying his saintliness...sainthood...sainthood?  Surely you know what I mean! Now here's why:

I've been looking at wallpaper again.  That's right--I heard you groan from here!   I've been looking at wallpaper, and suddenly an idea came to me.  And I thought to myself, "Self, what if you used wallpaper like artwork, instead of like, well, wallpaper."  Boom.  That totally changed my search criteria, and I was almost immediately able to pick a pattern!  Who the heck ever thought I'd be able to say that?!?!  So, here's the pattern that I love.  Every time I look at this, I love it even more!

So then the question becomes--where do you put it? Well, since we hung the pegboard in the laundry room, to hide the weird wall imperfections (pictures to come!), that room was out.  The wall space in the living room is pretty limited now that we hung up those sweet old 78's.  I thought about the bedroom, but this pattern doesn't really match...who else hates it when you have an idea that just wont work?

Well as I was sitting in my comfy chair at home, I started looking at the dining room walls.  I hadn't really considered them, because the rug in the record room is colorful--but maybe that means the dining room needs some color to balance it all out???   So I got out my painter's tape.

If a roll is 2' by 12', that means two to three 2x4 here's what I'm thinking!

I started with just two rectangles on one wall, and then thought "what the hell ::shrugs::" and threw up another rectangle on the next wall.  

The more I look at this, the more excited I get!  SO, unless any of you have any extreme objections, or Kurt runs out of saintleness, I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a roll of this stuff this weekend!  What do you think?  Can I pull it off?  I can't help but dig the retro vibe of this wallpaper.  And the colors have totally grown on me.  If i paste the paper to the wall, and then put a simple white trim frame around the pieces, to make it look more finished?  I'm so pumped.  This is one of the first times I've felt confident with a design decision for the house!  Maybe black frames would pull in the table?  I think this is happening--this is finally really becoming our house, and I am really excited.

Happy weekend!  

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