Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Where does the time go?!

Hey there everyone,

Does anyone else feel like time is flying by in 2017?  I can't believe it when I look at the calendar, and it's only the 17th.  It feels like it must be February already!   Maybe part of why I feel that way is because we're still so dang busy?  But, the good news is, it's all paying off.

Apart from a few small projects, and basic decorating, the downstairs is pretty much done.  Can you believe it?  Did you ever think this day would come?  Cause I certainly didn't!  It's pretty amazing how many things we've been able to cross off the list, and to see how few things are left.

Here's what's left downstairs:

> Replace the kitchen floor
> Reattach lazy susan door to cabinet frame
> Rehang laundry room door
> Hang pegboard in laundry room
> Replace the bathroom floor (already have all these supplies)
> Cut, paint, install quarter-round in all rooms

That's it!  I know, I know, that's still a fair amount of work, but it feels really manageable--especially when you consider where we started, and what we've been through!!  And I have to say, the progress that we've made looks so good!  You've already seen most of the progress, but here are a few final update photos of the living/dining rooms.

Looking into the dining room from the living/record/parlor

Dining room looking towards back hallway. (That cute bar is still filled with tools lol)

Dining room looking towards laundry room.
You  can see a little bit of the laundry room floor that Kurt updated--it looks so good!! 

Dining room looking into living room/record room/parlor. 

 So this weekend, we went out to my parents' house, and picked up this chaise lounge.  I've been looking for one, but couldn't find one, so mom said I could have hers.  She's had it for years, and was just sick of it.  I think she's crazy!  Plus, the cats are big fans of this chair--and that's a win in my book!  This is also the new rug I ordered a few weeks ago.  I was worried it might be too bright for the space, but since there's really not much color between the living and dining rooms, I think the space can take a bright rug!

We still have some tidying up to do around the house, but things are slowly making their way to their final homes.   Clearly, the walls still need some decoration/personalization, but those things will come in time...and when other people pick things out for me.  :)  You know I just don't find much joy in those sorts of things.

Until then, we're going to spend a little more time relaxing in the evenings, and keep chipping away at the remaining work.  Now that we both have chairs in the record room/parlor (I'm clearly not sure what to call this room lol), we can hang out, listen to music, and get some cat snuggles!  What could be better than that?!


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