Friday, January 6, 2017

Living Room Update

Hey there everyone!

Alright, things are finally starting to settle down, and we're starting to get into a routine!  In a weird way, being back to work is good, because it limits how much time we can spend working on stuff around the house...and after rushing to move, refinishing the floors, and the holiday, I feel really tired.

I think we're finally at a point where all the furniture has been put in place, and there shouldn't be any more heavy lifting! You have no idea what a relief that is.  Moving one or two things across the room isn't that bad...moving a whole house three times in one week is pretty terrible.

Anyway, we're settling in, and things are (for the most part) unpacked, and even put away (in some cases).  Apart from having one bedroom filled with stuff I don't know where to put, and one bedroom filled with suitcases full of clothes we haven't put away--this house looks like people actually live in it!

At this point, I'd say we're like, almost 90% done with painting---which is awesome!  The built ins in the living/dining room just need one coat of finishing paint, and then we're totally done painting those two rooms!  Holy hell, I can't believe how close we are!  So, with that in mind, I think it's time to do a quick flashback to just how bad these rooms looked when we started, ya know, so you can fully appreciate where we are today!

Ooooh that brown paint and blue it just me, or does that feel like literally forever ago?! 

Ahh yes, the "blow my brains out red"--I forgot all about that (thankfully).

Check out how good the living room looks now!

A nice subdued paint color (that doesn't look like it's been secreted or extracted from a human body), all the trim and shelves have been stripped, and repainted with nice bright, clean white paint.  And best of all, the carpet is gone, and the floors look beautiful. Oh, and the light fixtures have all been updated to this decade.  

This doorway is white now, but even here, it looks waaaaay better than that brown and orange combo.  

Kurt has his jumbo chair set up under the reading lamp, and I'm officially in search of my own perfect chair.  For some reason, we've had the hardest time finding a chaise lounge for me.  I had no idea the were so hard to find?!  If anyone has any suggestions for where I can find one--I'm all ears!!

We've been spending a TON of time in this room, finishing up the trim painting, and listening to records.  It is SO nice to have a high quality record setup, and we are just SO please!  :D  Plus, it's incredibly nice to have all of our albums in one place, organized, and properly displayed.

I think a chair for me, and some curtains are the only things really left to find for this room.  I ordered a larger rug this morning, and it should be arriving shortly.  Once it's here, I think curtains will be the next order of business!  In the mean time, I think we'll be taking it a little bit easier, knowing that we have at least four rooms (almost five!) rooms that are totally done!  Now that I think about it, I need to take some final pictures of the long room, bedroom, and laundry room!  I didn't even realize how much progress we'd made! Now I definitely think we deserve a little break!


The Eagles - Take it Easy

Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the Devil Lyrics

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  1. It looks so much better! I thought the other room was going to be the record room, but something changed?