Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You know what they say....While the cat's away

Hey All, 

This week, Kurt is in China for work.  So, I got the crazy idea into my head that I should try to do all of the projects around the house that he either didn't really feel like doing, or wouldn't really enjoy doing.  There are still plenty of things to do, but some things, he'd enjoy less than others.  And I figured that the least I could do is knock out a couple of them while he was gone. 

These projects included: 

  •  Digging all the rocks out of the flower bed between the front steps and driveway. 
    • This ended up being an alright job.  The weather this weekend was lovely, and it only took me like two hours.  In my defense, the flower bed is about 6' by 2' and the rocks were six inches deep.  Plus, I'm super out of shape. 
  • Digging out the random post in the back yard. 
    • We'll call this partially done. The cement footer goes down about four feet.  So I dug it out enough that I can wiggle it, but the cement is waaaaay to heavy for me to be able to pull it out. I'm assuming it'll take a skid loader or something crazy. 
      • Side note--why did Kurt get out of all the digging?!
  • Cutting the second box spring in half. 
    • I moved it upstairs, and tonight I'm planning on splicing it back together and building the bed!  Woo!  The cats will be so pleased. 
  • Painting the front door. 
    • We know the door should be replaced, but I just wanted to give it a little face lift.  Or maybe I just needed a more light weight project after all the heavy lifting?
      • I'm also in the process of painting our (my soon to be) initial, and our house number on the glass. 
I just felt like it needed some color.  This was my Menards impulse purchase.  I feel pretty good about it! 

I'm going for something like this on the glass, but we'll see...
  • Replacing the half bathroom floor.  
    • I got the sheet vinyl cut down, but my wedge for the doorway is a little too tall.  By the time I realized it, it was too late to take it outside to saw.  Maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow. #letsbereal
  • Laundry.  
    • We let it pile up way to high, and I've done four loads this week.  We're only two people--how did this happen?!

When I write it all out, it feels like I've gotten quite a bit done!  And to think, the week is only half over!  The cats were terrible the first few days, but more calm last night.  I know they miss Kurt (and so do I), but I really hope they get over it tonight.  Last night, Mickey insisted on sleeping on neck.  Then he bit my nose when I rolled over in my sleep.  Someone is a reallllll daddy's boy.  

I was hoping to get around to replacing the light in the hallway by the half bath, but decided that maybe I shouldn't stand on a ladder and do electrical work while I'm home alone.  Safety first.  Plus, I'm secretly hoping that someone taller than me will do this job.  I have to stand on the second highest ladder step, and it makes me so nervous...maybe I'll go on a trip for work, and Kurt can do this job while I'm gone?  :D 

While I'm working, I've been listening to old, old country at full volume.  Being alone for a week isn't terrible, but I'll be very happy to see Kurt when he gets home in a few days! 


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