Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Slowly but surely

Hey Everybody!

People always say, "Slow and steady wins the race."  I'm not entirely sure that that particular colloquialism applies in this case, since the only thing I'm really racing is my own self-imposed five year timeline, but I've been trying to internalize it just the same.

The last few weeks/weekends have been mostly work, and very little play, which makes Jane a dull girl.  (Sorry, apparently I'm very into proverbs today?)  So, this weekend I put an official ban on any housework for Kurt and I.  I'm not sure if he'd agree, but I know that I definitely needed the break!!  Between Friday evening, and Saturday, it was pretty much a perfect weekend in my book! I usually try to only/mostly write about house stuff, but I feel like it's okay to chronicle our adventures here too....skip ahead if this doesn't interest you--but my memory can't be trusted unless I write stuff down!

Friday Afternoon:
We had intended to go to the Essen Haus for pie, and then hitting the county fair.  Luckily, Kurt can somehow read my mind, and we ended up taking a nap, and then heading to the fair.  Waiting until it had cooled off outside was DEFINITELY the right call here.  We ended up getting corn-dogs, and some awesome wood fired pizza. Being the sweet man that he is, he offered to split a pretzel too, but I was afraid I'd explode  that would be a megacarboverload, so we skipped it, in lieu of our dessert intentions....

The thing in the top left corner is deep fried oreos...you can see where this is going...

This is a taco of sorts, with deep fried oreos inside of an elephant ear.  

Watching him make and eat this masterpiece should really confirm for anyone out there that he's the one for me.
I won't post the picture of him actually biting into it, but trust me--he liked it.

As penance for posting that picture of him , here's a suuuuuper flattering shot of me shoving funnel cake and deep fried oreos in my mouth at the same time.  (I wasn't willing to make mine into a taco.)

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC night at the fair....and Kurt bought me cotton candy as we were leaving....which we took home and ate while we watched Netflix.  ::Insert heart eyes emoji here::


I still feel a teeny-tiny bit bad....like we did exactly what I wanted all day, and nothing else. Hopefully Kurt didn't mind toooooo terribly much.  

We woke up reasonably early (for us), and headed to Goshen.  Hit up Goshen Floor Mart, and found the flooring I like for the laundry room, got Kurt's approval for it, and found out it's pretty significantly cheaper there.  Boom!  

This is a terrible picture, but hey, it's what I like! 

After that, we cruised downtown, to one of our favorite spots--Ignition Records! This place was a lucky find from a couple of weeks ago.  We've found some real gems here!  

Then we headed to Das Essen Haus for lunch, and PIE!  Sadly, there are no pictures.  I was too hungry to stop and take any.  Our waiter sold me on trying Raspberry Chocolate Cream pie--and it was totally awesome! 

Once lunch was over, we headed to Fort Wayne to hit the other three record stores, and chase some Pokemon.  We're totally adults, I promise...usually.  Which is why we decided to go see the new Ghost-busters movie!  We loaded my purse up with gas station candy, and hit the theater!  As a side note, we dumped a box of sno-caps, and a box of milk duds.  It turns out that neither of us loves caramel, but the sno-caps were a total win!  The movie was pretty hilarious, and a perfect end to a perfect day together!   

On Sunday, after Kurt when home, I decided that it was time for me to get back to work.  As usual, it doesn't look like much, but I promise that this took hooooouuuuurs of work.  

Here's a quick flash back to what it looked like when I moved it....

I dare you to tell me that this doens't look infinitely better!  Sure, it may be unfinished right now, but dang.  In less than two months, to have made this much progress, I'm feelin' pretty alright! 

I think that this is about as good as it's going to get for scraping the varnish off of the stairs.  Now I just need to hit them with the sander!  This is such a filthy job.  Ugh.  The varnish just turns to dust as you scrap, and that crap gets everywhere. If you happen to be sweaty, forget about it. The dust will get on you and make a sticky-varnishy, itchy mess.  Bleh.  Oh well, the bottom part of the stairs is done, and ready for the next step!   I'm just going to pretend that this didn't take five hours....and that the top portion of the stairs (above the landing) won't take another five hours, or more.  In the end, it'll all be worth it.  Slow and steady, right?


The Raconteurs - Steady as She Goes

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