Monday, July 11, 2016

Post Weekend Check-In

Hi All!

What a long weekend that turned out to be!  It feels like I might just be tired forever!  As many of you know, we had a looooong list of things to do this weekend.  I'm happy to report that a good chunk of them were crossed off--welllllll okay, a more truthful answer would be that some of the biggest things to do were crossed of.

So, Friday afternoon, I ducked out of work a few minutes early to go pick this bad boy up.  The good news is, you can rent hardcore floor sanders at Menards (where they now greet me by name-practically).  The bad news is, you can't make a reservation for one of these things.  If it's there when you want it, great.  If it's not there when you want it, sorry 'bout ya. Today was my lucky I stalked the store at lunch on Friday to make sure that it was still there.  :D

Getting this thing into and out of the car is the worst part....that and stairs...but apparently, I've blocked carrying it up the stairs from my memory.  I'm prone to conveniences like that.  

Here's a quick reminder of what the smallest bedroom looked like before.  We decided to start in here since the floors were in the best shape here, and because well, if you mess up the littlest room, you just throw down a rug and no one ever knows  :)

And here's what the floors looked like after sanding!  

It's hard to get a good picture with the westward facing windows here, and it being close to sunset.  Sorry guys...someone should talk to Kurt about taking over photography duties!  

After making quick work of the littlest bedroom, it was down the hall to the middle bedroom.  Please take note of the stripped woodwork in this hallway.  The white trim being gone makes me feel so good!  Oh, and I'm not even a little mad that all that brown is gone.  That blue carpet is becoming a faded memory!

This went on for a few hours.  Kurt worked the big sander, and when he finished a room, I'd go in and hit the perimeter with a hand sander. With the big boy, there are always three or four inches around the outside of the room that you just can't reach.  In the master bedroom we hit that perimeter with stripper....which caused some trouble getting even stain coloring.  C'est la vie! Live and learn.

After a few hours, we moved downstairs to hit the living room and dining room.

Come on.  Guys.  Come on.  This is so much better.  I can't believe they covered these beautiful floors with carpet.  I just. Can't.  Even. 

While these two worker bees got down to business, Chase decided to tackle the task of painting the top of the stairs.  This "tall work" as Kurt calls is, is just beyond my reach....get it?  You love me.  I love you too, and puns.

Okay, remember how this was the last bit of remaining terrible paint?  Sorry for the crazy perspective here, I'm going to guess that the ceiling must be at least 22 feet away from here.  Seriously, that's my guess.  I'll put a tape measure on it later if that'll convince you!

Now I know what you're thinking...Chase is tall--but he's not 22 feet tall.  How the hell is he going to make this happen?  Well let me tell you, that boy is inventive if nothing else!

What you're looking at here is: two ladders, tied together with an extension cord, with a towel taped around the top step of the top ladder--to protect the paint, of course!

See those two things that seem to be sticking out of the ceiling, above the top ladder?  Those, are Chase's feet.  Heaven help us all.  Kurt had to stop sanding and go supervise the tall-work.  It was almost more than our poor mother's nerves could handle.  OSHA certainly would not approve!

But thankfully, in the end, all is well and well painted!!  That means the last of the horrible, terrible, no good paint from the previous owners is OFFICIALLY GONE!  Can I get a WOO HOO?!?!

I'm so happy to report that it's finally starting to feel like my house.  Or at the very least, it's starting to feel like not the Weavers' house.  That's a really nice feeling.  Thanks to everyone who's contributed to working around the house, dealt with my (at times I'm sure) incessant chatter about house stuff, and to everyone who's following along here!  It still feels like a total cluster at times (read most times, for people who aren't me lol), but this place has seen an INSANE amount of progress so far.  And the best part is, there's still so much progress yet to come!

In completely unrelated news, I've started mowing my own lawn.  Apparently I can't just wait for Chase to show up and do it for me all the time.  I'd like to go ahead and apologize now to anyone who has seen, or will likely be seeing me in my bathing suit top and shorts out there mowing...though the bigger apology should probably be to anyone who can hear me singing over the lawnmower.  Woof.  Amiright?  ;)

Check back later this week--::fingers crossed:: for some freshly stained floors this week!  


Something for everyone this week--we're covering the extremes apparently!  Haha what I listen to at work, and while I work on the house seems to vary wildly! 

Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

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