Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Quick Update - Dining room!

Hey All!

Two posts in one week--what the heck is happening here?! Well, once you see this amazing progress, you'll understand why I couldn't keep this to myself!  So, do you remember what the dining room looked like originally?  It's come a looooooong way!  Unfortunately, you can't really see that....because I don't have a single

Here's the best before.  This was during the inspection.  "Blow My Brains Out Red" 

This horrible blue carpet continued into the dining room.  

Even just crazy person primer made a world of difference!  

Cats are excellent painters.  You can see from his face, he's sick of that blue carpet.  

The cat immediately preferred the linoleum!  

In the process of ripping up the carpet, we realized that there's hardwood under there!  I was a little sad that the linoleum wasn't salvageable, but it's hard to be too sad when you  know there's original hardwood...

You can see that we lasted all of one day before going to town here.  Kurt just grabbed a piece and pulled.  It looked so satisfying, I had to get in on the action!!
As always, I am so thankful for him!  Here he is taking up the tack strips so we could finish pulling the linoleum up.  My poor bruised thumb (from smacking it with a hammer) says "THANK YOU!"

So, here's where we're at.  Down to the hardwood, painted, and ready to be sanded!  OH!  And the wallpaper samples Arrived!  This was definitely a dud for the laundry room, but it's certainly growing on me as a potential for this space!!

Imagine the whole back wall with this wall paper, and a white fluffy rug under that sweet Formica dinette table!

Oh yeahhhh.  That's what I like.  Let me know what you think!  :)  This weekend, we're going to try to get the rest of the house sanded...fingers crossed that we're able to get the sander from Menards, and that we can knock out the rest of the hard work!  After sanding, I think that all of the major, multiples hours required projects, will be completed!  Woooooo! (Please tell me you imagined me doing my best Rick Flair impersonation there....if not, go back and read it again!  ;)


Brinsley Schwarz - Surrender to the Rhythm

Ducks Deluxe - 1974

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I can't get enough of this sound lately!  I'm not sure that this counts as classic rock, but gosh it makes me want to dance!

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  1. The floor in the dinning room looks great! yay!