Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Well, I lied...

Hey All!

So it turns out that when I said I'd be done with the laundry room last week, not only was I wrong--I was terribly wrong.  Chalk it up to the optimism bias, eh?  That being said, I have made some (small, tiny, insignificant) progress around this place!

Here's where we're at!

Apparently I'm a terrible spackler.  Poor Kurt, and mom both had to slave away, sanding their fingers to the bone to clean up my mess. Oops.  Don't worry.  I've been forbidden from spackling ever again.  

Here's the painting in progress.  You can see, I stuck with the yellow family, just a less fleshy, more sunny shade of yellow!  This color is called Popcorn, by Valspar.  I'm very pleased with it.
Here it is all painted.  MUCH better, if I do say so myself.  

So you can see, that even though they sanded for hours, this wall where the cabinets used to be is still a little wiggly....I ordered some geometric wall paper samples.
Hopefully one of them will work, and will help hide the imperfections in this wall.  
Getting the last cabinet down turned into quite the chore.  Poor Kurt.  I should really make that guy a nice dinner or something.  He definitely gets all the boyfriend points for the work he helps with around the house.  I don't know what I'd do without him!  (That's not entirely true-I'd drop more stuff on my feet, yell, swear, and cry a whooooole lot more.)

In other news:  I finally found a plumber--yay!  It shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm very particular about the people I'll hire to do work.  At the end of the day, I only want to give my money to people that I think are nice.  Pushy people need not apply.  It may be silly, but it's my house!  :P

So, stuff is suuuuper torn up right now.  but, that's ok!  It'll be worth it.  The plumber was here all day, and will be back to finish up tomorrow.  The basement is also sporting brand new pipes!  But that doesn't make for a nice photo lol

Since I was waiting for the plumber, I used that time to paint the downstairs hallway off of the dining room/half bath.
Gooooooody byyyyyyyye red!  

Am I crazy, or does this just feel cleaner and brighter to you too?  (It's best to just agree with me while I'm holding a paint brush.  :)  

SO. That's where I'm at with progress!  I'm still hunting for a flooring option for the dining and laundry rooms.  Asking for something that "feels like a 50's style Formica counter top"  will apparently get you nothing but blank stares around here.  WHO KNEW?! If anyone has any suggestions for where else I should be shopping, I'm all ears!  It may be time to try shopping outside of Warsaw.

Finally, after many, many trips to "the barn" in the lumbar yard at Menards, I snapped this picture of one of my favorite signs ever.  I can't help it.  A worker came over and asked me if everything was ok. I couldn't believe he didn't think this sign is as funny as I did.  Apparently I have the maturity of a teenage boy or something.  Whatever.  It' funny.  It's a big hat.  Or a sign that sounds dirty to me.

I can hear you groaning while you read this.  What did you expect form me?!  You know me! 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more pictures to show of the completed plumbing, the sink put back in place, and maybe even the cabinets hung back up!  We'll see if my poor foot can take it, or if I can recruit some help!


MGMT - Electric Feel
I know I promised you a classic rock sound track, but we started this post declaring that I'm a  liar! This song is too catchy not to share.

Junior Brown - Highway Patrol

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