Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Post Vacation Check In!

Hi All!

So it would seem that I've been doing a terrible job of staying on top of blog posts....but anyone who knows me probably isn't really surprised by that!  One of the main reasons I haven't written anything is because frankly, I haven't done that much work on the house lately.  Shameful-I know.  I'm sorry!

It turns out, I haven't gotten anything done, at least in part, because over Memorial Day weekend, I went on the best vacation ever.  Most of my friends and family have already been sent hundreds of pictures, but for anyone who just deleted my incoherent shrieks of "THIS IS THE FURTHEST NORTH I'VE EVER BEEN!", which were accompanied by photos, here's a quick recap.

This is when I really started to get giddy.  Also, nervous, exceptionally nervous, about actually leaving the country for the first time in a decade. 

It was really difficult for me to wrap my head around the enormity of the falls.  It was like, my brain couldn't process everything that was happening.  Total sensory overload-in a good way!  

It was kind of weird to see how flat the water was before it went over the falls.  Also, I can't believe anyone would consider going over this in a barrel! 

Even from the walkway at the top of the falls, you could feel the mist in places.  Apparently enough water flows over here every minute to fill 1,000,000 bathtubs.  Talk about amazing! 

We spent the evenings strolling through crowded streets, watching people, and eating dessert.  I can't think of a better way to spend an evening! 

On the boat tour of the falls!  The long line was absolutely worth it!  It was so awesome, I could've done another tour the next day.  Getting to see the falls from the bottom definitely confirmed that a barrel is a bad idea.  

Sure it's been a long time since I've been on vacation, and that might have skewed my opinion a little, but this was hands down the best trip I've ever been on.  Buffalo wings in Buffalo, fireworks over the falls, and more importantly four straight days with this guy.  I'll admit, I was pretty nervous about it before hand....it takes a special kind of person to be able to tolerate four straight days with me.  Ok, let's be honest, it takes a crazy kind of person.  But I'm so happy to say that at the end of four days--he was still willing to talk to me, and see me again!  :P

 So, I'd like to send the biggest thank you out to Kurt--you're awesome, and I can't wait to see what kinds of adventures we get to have in the future!

Finally, here are some songs from our Niagara Falls Playlist!

Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight

Stevie Wonder - For Once in My Life

Elton John - Honky Cat

More updates on the work I have managed to get done around the house soon!


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