Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Living Room Update!

Hi All!  

Ok, so I'm trying to get caught up showing you guys the progress that has been made at the house.  It's starting to feel like less of a cluster, so that's a huge plus in my mind!  And to think, it only took 11 gallons of paint to get me to the point where it's really feeling like home!  

So, here's a quick recap of what the formal living room used to look like.  If I look at that brown for too long, I'm going to start having flash backs, and have to go buy more paint to calm myself down.

I like to imagine that this paint is just leftover partial gallons mixed in a bucket, and slapped on the walls with abandon.  Surely no one would pay money for this color...

Here's a close up of what the ceiling fan looked like before.  I generally love old stuff, but damn.  This clearly had to go.
**I'd like to offer my special thanks to my friend Emily, for insisting that this room couldn't be considered "done" until this thing was gone.  Sometimes I need a little push to not leave things partially completed. 

Here's the loving room sans carpet, and with primer (and some paint from the entry way) slapped up on the walls.  I actually sang a song and did a happy dance when that brown was gone! 

So, since Emily insisted that I needed a new ceiling fan (and boy was she ever right), I picked one up, and set the boys to work!  Poor Kurt took down the old one, which was disgusting, and heavy.  Ugh, I'm sorry, dear.   When Chase arrived, Kurt (wisely) sent him up on the ladder to get it done! While most DIY things I'm more than happy to attempt myself, for this one, I was beyond thankful to have these two gents to take care of it for me.  I painted the trim while they did the hard part.  :)   Listening to them talk about which colored wires go to what part was by far my favorite version of "Who's on First" that I've ever heard. Blue, black white, yellow--I'm just glad I wasn't on the ladder for this part.

Two heads are better than one!  Again, these guys, I'd be lost without them! 

Final product, installed and functioning!  Oh yeah. 

After all of that, it was definitely time for pizza and a break for the night.  But I went back at it the next day, and here are the results!  Now keep in mind, a few weeks ago, when I swore that I'd always use the flash on the camera, do you remember that?  Well, I was clearly lying.  I'm sorry. I'm fired from taking photos.

This fan looks much better, but the lights aren't as bright.
Lamps will be necessary, but that's ok when your fan looks this good. 

All of the woodwork in the living room is officially stripped (minus the built-ins, but their time is coming!) 

Heyyyyyyyy there's the flash.  I've gone back and fourth over whether this color is too dark...I'm thinking that it's alright in person.  I'll work on better pictures once the floor has been refinished. 

Chronologically, this picture should be further up, but I felt like it needed a special place, and note. This is what happens when  my mom says "No, just leave it, and let a man take care of it."  Nope.  Absolutely not.  My poor Women's Studies degree simply cannot accept that answer--they'd revoke it.  I'M SURE OF IT! So, even though it was dark out, up on the ladder I went, drill in hand, to hang the new curtain rod.  And at one point, as I was cursing the brackets for refusing to attach, I turned around to incessant giggling, and this pose.  My mother, my rock, and a shining light in my life....and a ridiculous goofball.  I love you.  I don't know where I'd be without you, and I hope if I grow up, that I turn out just like you!  Thanks for all your help, and I hope you're coming over to spackle tonight.  


PS - These songs are on albums that I've purchased on  record store adventures with Kurt.  Seven record stores in eight days...that man knows his audience!  I'm one smitten kitten--and it's not just cause I've found some sweet new (to me) vinyl!!

Neil Young - Plastic Flowers

Graham Nash - Songs for Beginners

           > This is the full album, and the whole thing is worth listening to if you haven't already!

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  1. LOL'ing at your Emily Shout-Out! Glad I can help!!!! I can also help with some photography tips if interested! :) Loving the progress!