Monday, December 19, 2016

Moving is the worst...

Hey All,

I think that all of you will certainly agree: moving is the absolute worst.  It's the worst under the best of circumstances, and we're not exactly under the best circumstances right now--but the move must go on!  

I assume that you already know this, but just in case you hadn't's really stinkin' cold outside, it's the week of Christmas, and we're getting ready to move home.  Poor Kurt is off work this week, which means that he had to go to the house today (twice) to put the finishing coats of poly on the floor, and he's having to do the majority of the moving.  Now for those of you that know me--you know that this is basically torture for me!  Ugh!  I just want to be in on the action!

This weekend we moved everything from the entire house into the long room, so that we could knock out the floors.  In Kurt's professional opinion: "They look really good in the dark."

Needless to say, the long room is not a pretty sight right now.  I can't believe that I'm going to post this picture but....this is our life right now.  This is almost everything we own, crammed into one room, and stacked to the ceiling lol

You may not think that it looks that bad, but to me, it definitely looks that bad!  On the plus side, yesterday, Kurt and I bought a couch, a love seat, and a mega chair for him! They're being delivered on Friday that means we're going to have to shake a leg and start getting things put away!  #nopressureoranything

As I've been sitting here at work, trying to formulate a plan of attack, and making to do lists (don't tell Kurt he's finally rubbed off on me!) I started thinking about the paint colors for the house.  I was looking at the paint swatches in my little notebook, and it made me wonder, "Am I boring? Or am I just consistent?" I'm not sure, and it's entirely possible that it's a little bit of both?

This weekend, the cats really started to get along.  For about 45 minutes they even sat in the same chair (on top of Kurt's jacket lol).  They're so cute.  I hope they adjust to being in the house once we get moved back in. I'm sure Scotch will be fine, but I don't want Mickey to get lost in any nooks or crannies.  Kurt keeps reassuring me that they'll be fine--and he's always right.  But this cat mom can't help but worry a little bit.  They're so cute when the snuggle up!  I just don't want them to hide in different parts of the big house, and never snuggle each other, ya know?  It'll be fine...

Everything will be fine, and we'll be home for Christmas!  


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