Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's the Final Countdown!

Hi All,

Oh my heck, has it been over 1000 years since the fire??  Because I feel like it's been well over 1000 years since the fire.  But the good news is, we're getting down to the end of it!

Paul Davis claims that they're at the house today deep cleaning it....we'll see if that's true, but it's what they've said.  On Saturday a guy is (again supposedly) coming to refinish the bathtub, and then that's the end of working with PD!  This whole process with them has just been the opposite of great--but anyone who knows me already knows that.  But I digress.

As we get closer to moving back in, there are more and more things that we keep thinking of for our to do list.  From the beginning Kurt kept telling me that this is  how it would go, and I should've just listened to him--but don't tell him that!  ;)

Tomorrow night we're going to pick up a floor sander (deja vu right?) and we're going to try to knock out refinishing the upstairs floors, and the downstairs back hallway, and back bedroom areas.  We talked about redoing the living and dining rooms while we're at it (Kurt's idea).  But really, I just want to do the bare minimum, and be done with it.  In my mind, by the time we put down some rugs, and furniture, the imperfections in the living/dining room floors won't be that noticeable.  Plus, I want to be able to knock all the steps out (or as many as possible) this weekend, so that we can start moving back into the house early next week!  Technically our lease isn't up until December 26th, but it turns out that the office workers at the apartment don't want to come in on Christmas to check us out and take our key. #weirdright? But if we leave the living/dining room floors as they are, then we have those rooms to put things in while the poly cures upstairs, and we have to actually live at the house.   Whew,  did you follow all of that?  I know it's confusing.  The biggest take away is probably this:  by this time next week, the four of us will be mostly moved back home!

This is Mickey, our new kitten.  They're pretty stinkin' cute.  

He likes to sleep under the dresser.  He's safe from Scotch there. 
Mickey likes to sleep as close to your face as you'll let him get.  He prefers to keep his paw on your face, but that's a little much sometimes lol plus, he's so warm, that it gets uncomfortable after a while.  

The other exciting piece of news is that my dad found Kurt and I this sweet record shelf!  We've been talking about building one for a few months to hold our constantly expanding record collection.  This shelf will take up most of a wall in the living room (mom for scale), plus, there will be room on the side for a table/shelf/cabinet/something to hold the record player and accessories that Santa may be bringing us!

This time while we're doing the floors, I'll try to take better pictures of the process!  Then, it'll be time for the big reveal of all the work that the PD guys did!  When I walk around the house now, it doesn't feel that different to me than it did before, and I've decided that maybe that's a good thing.  It really makes me appreciate how much work we were able to get done before the fire, and reaffirms that we were doing a good job on that work!

I know I say it every time, but I mean it now!  I'm going to get back into the habit of regular updates--especially now that there should be regular updates to give!!  :D


Europe - The Final Countdown

Foreigner - Hot Blooded

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